What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a fighting system that was designed in Israel more than 60 years ago for our very own Israeli soldiers. Literally translating to “close combat”, Krav Maga is both a value set providing a deep sense of empowerment and confidence, as well as practical physical safety technique in dangerous situations.

It is deeply connected to the history of the Israeli military as a simple, effective way for every soldier to be able to defend themselves in any environment.

Today, Krav Maga is celebrated internationally as the top method of close combat defense and has achieved widespread popularity among different types of people, religions, and communities.

ICCS is an international Organization of Krav Maga, created and based in Israel by Krav Maga expert, Sharir Richman.

ICCS is dedicated to providing the highest level of pure Krav Maga training.

ICCS training tactics and techniques are based on battle proven Israeli military methods, fit for modern day close combat fighting scenarios.

ICCS takes pride with it's simple and effective techniques and training methods, as well as the quality and honesty of the organization.

ICCS sees itself as the next generation of Krav Maga training (Read more).

About the Instructor


Danielle Salber is a Jerusalem-based Krav Maga Instructor and fitness coach.  Her background as a family and individual therapist guides her approach to physical fitness.  With over 10 years of experience strengthening and empowering her clients, she has developed a unique skill set to bring beginners to advanced trainees on the path of success. 

Danielle’s approach is designed specifically to meet the needs of her clients, and draws from her vast training and experience in strength and conditioning, fighting systems and endurance training.  She utilized boxing, kick boxing, Krav Maga, bodyweight, weight lifting and endurance training into her fitness programs.  

Danielle has a powerful and motivating approach to health and fitness.  She naturally inspires all the people she trains through her authentic love for working out and developing ones physical fitness.  Aside from training people with real life skills for protecting oneself and their loved ones, she also utilizes boxing as a therapeutic tool for people who have been through a trauma or need a healthy outlet.  

She works in both groups and individual settings, and payment is available on a sliding scale.  Special pricing available for students enrolled in Jerusalem learning programs.