Integral Emotional Fitness (IEF)

Fitness Integrated Therapy (F.I.T)


What is Integral Emotional Fitness (IEF)?

IEF is a revolutionary therapy combining conventional psychotherapy with fitness training.  Clients receiving IEF gain much more than from personal training sessions or therapy meetings alone.  

With IEF you will:

  • Become motivated and inspired to consistently improve your wellbeing on a physical and emotional level.

  • Feel empowered to achieve your goals.

  • Understand emotions and their roots, while simultaneously strengthening your body.

  • Make long term and sustainable changes both in mind and body.

  • Address daily habits and patterns that are no longer working for you, while instead incorporating fitness and health into your daily routines.

Who can benefit from IEF?

  • Individuals of all ages who would like to make sustainable changes to their daily routine, physical and emotional health.

  • IEF is about helping people who have tried conventional therapy and/or weight loss programs time and time again.

  • Many problems have a physical and emotional component. This therapy is specifically useful when you are interested in growth and healing on physical and psychological elements of the self.

  • Great for people who have struggled in the past with keeping to a weekly gym routine, continuing to exercise after finishing with a personal trainer or eating healthy in between nutritionist appointments.

  • Love yourself through the process of improving yourself.

  • Custom tailored approach based on each person’s needs and goals.

  • Not only for the physical or physically fit, it’s for every body and every mind.

This really is a revolutionary approach to emotional and physical change in a person.  People think their problem lies is in their eating habits or lack of fitness motivation.  However, we are all complex and there are many different layers underneath the surface, which deserve attention and care. Are you eating to fill an emotional void? Do you feel hopeless when results are too slow during a fitness regime?  Find out what is hiding behind these valid questions and in doing so learn healthier and long term solutions.

Health conscious living is a way of thinking and being. Learn how to shift your mind and make healthy choices your default.

Take the first step today towards making fitness a simple part of your life.