Krav Maga to Bring our Soldiers Home

You see these soldiers? Look closely. They are wearing all kinds of funky shirts and colors and how can they be identified? They each have their guns strapped to their backs. Always. But guess what? They are just kids, on their day out to share their army experiences with a tour group from Canada. If they weren't here with us today, they would be guarding the border between modiin and Jerusalem, day in and day out. And all too many times these kids are forced to protect not only themselves, but you and I on our way to work, home or just to meet a friend. These kids risk their lives to ensure our home and country is the safe, thriving and inspiring place it is. How do they do this? Aside from a heck of a strong will and the utmost selflessness, they train hard in Krav Maga.  
What is Krav Maga? Like many unbelievable inventions, it is an israeli innovation created by the army for the army in order to bring these soldiers back home. And today it is taught all over the world to keep people safe. One of the amazing people on the tour group today, summarized their krav maga learning experience in a way that we can all use. She pointed out how much it starts with the proper attitude or mindset. And she is absolutely correct. Just like these soldiers who are 18 years old and tapping into a mindset of complete devotion way beyond their years, so to anyone else faced with an attack. One must completely set their minds to winning the fight, protecting life. There is no other option.  
A huge thank you to all of our soldiers and families. And to Funtom Experience & Challenge - פאנתום חוויה ואתגר for providing thousands of people from all over the world with the eye opening experience of all the army is and does for you and I.