Kids nutrition is just as important

For some time now I have switched over to a high protein low card diet, but what about my kids? After the countless failed attempts of convincing my kids to try the bean pastas and other alternatives, I found myself making two meals most nights, as in the picture above. Then it dawned on me. I love my kids. Like really really love my kids. Then why was I ok with filling them up with junk, while I was pumping my body with goodness? 
I know it won’t be easy, but I have already taken the first steps towards helping them eat health consciously as well. 
To kick off this change, I took my kids on a fruit hunt in the local forest. What they didn’t know was how much I was hoping they’d enjoy the fun of looking for fruit trees, climbing them and eating their hard work afterwards. Well it worked! We came home with my sons baseball hat full of figs and a huge bag of grapes. They enjoyed them so much! Mission complete:) the days ahead will continue to take creativity to spark a healthy desire in my kids, but it is worth the effort. I’m always making fun charts and google docs for work with all new creative ideas. Well, why not at home where it matters the most? I’ll keep you posted on any other fun ways of inspiring our kids to love healthy living.