Daily Riding wisdom

And for your daily dose of riding wisdom… When you are gliding along on a nice flat path, what do you do? Aside from looking around and enjoying, you raise the gear. It feels too awkward to pedal like crazy when there is absolutely no resistance, almost like your slipping every time you try and push. See that's the funny part, you'd think, great its as easy as possible with no resistance. Well, nope. In life when things are too easy, and there is absolutely no push back, we get bored, we get restless. Some of us chose healthier outlets and some of us less so. But either way, we all need a little "resistance" here and there to make us feel alive, to make us push on forward. So next time a little push is needed, remember you get to feel alive, enjoy the view and pedal on forward. And hey along the path, you're also bound to hit the thrilling hills, the painfully steep uphills too. Life's got it all.