Something weighing you down?

Call me crazy but here's an awesome idea. Actual physical weights on your shoulders when it feels like the world is just too heavy to beat. Sounds nuts i know but hear me out. The tangible weight actually validates the emotional or mental struggle by matching the physical body with the emotions. It's like a stress ball. Why does that work? Aside from releasing endorphins just like during exercise, it also allows your muscles to tense mimicking the stress you are trying to get rid of. When our body and mind is in sync we feel alive, at ease and with our best capacities to exercise judgment. Yes pun intended. At the extreme levels, like anything, this is harmful and the cortisol levels in our body can increase too much, but finding the right balance is so worth the work. And yeah, after a hell of a long past few days, feels damn good to have an actual heavy load on my back that I can lift. It's hard as hell, but doable. #squats #weightlifting #gymmotivation #lifelessons