Doing the best we can

Guys in the end of the day, we are all just people trying to do the best we can. As I was struggling to ride up my usual hill, there was a family standing by a lookout point trying to selfie their ways into one pic without compromising the view. I offered to take their picture and instantly the women in full on Muslim garb smiled a huge smile. They didn't speak any English and their Hebrew wasn't so great either, but from what I understood they were 3 generations enjoying some time together. As I rode away, I started appreciating my natural love and acceptance for people wondering how many other Jews would have stopped to photograph a Muslim family. At that same moment a wave of frustration passed over. I'm appreciating that I stopped? What the hell? People are people. I should pat myself on the back for being accepting? No. i should be embarrassed that the thought crossed my mind. So just for today, I will try and humble myself. Recognize that thinking about the acceptance means there is more to work on than I knew. #lifelessons #bikeriding #meditation #jerusalem