Its all in the hips baby!

Theres good news and bad news ladies. The good news? Its all in the hips! Seriously there are only a few things that make a strike hard enough to cause the damage you need. And thats true for punches, knees elbows.. And one of those things is the movement of the hips. Your hip is the source for the strike. And guess what? Us ladies? We have super strong hips! We are made that way in order to carry babies, but when it comes to protecting our selves and our babies...its perfect too. So, remember to use your hips whenever you throw a strike. Let the strike come out from the hips and all of your core muscles to follow. Oh and the bad news? Society is waaaayy to focused on how our hips should look. So I say, lets be thankful for our strong and beautiful hips and work hard on using the strengths we were born with.
Stay safe.