Attitude baby!

Here's an awesome thought. Especially if you are a little shorter or smaller, or feel a bit more weak than you'd like to be. You want to know how to win a fight? Well, it's not only how good your technique is, or how big your muscles are. 
It's actually way more in your attitude! If you have the, I will never lose attitude, then guess what? You are a much more fierce opponent because you are willing to give it everything you've got, and then some. Now the question is, how do I develop such an awesome attitude? It's simple, train your mind and body as far as it will go and then push even further. You are kicking a bag? Great! Kick your hardest for as long as you can and then add in ten more totally killer kicks. Train yourself to always go one step further than you believed you could. And guess what? You will surprise yourself as to how strong you are every single time! 
Stay safe!