Be a fighter through and through!

Today's running meditation is even more sappy and corny than usual so just warning all you cynics out there reading my stuff:) See it's been a rough summer to say the least and running has been kind of a lifeline all along. It's not just the thinking time it provides, although that's freaking lifesaving. It's way more and it teaches something so awesome that I gotta share. See taking the time to run or actually do anything means you are choosing that thing over something else. Now in my life, as I'm sure anyone else, saying we are busy is totally an understatement. So choosing to do something to take care of oneself is not always easy. There are a thousand other things to do. And for people like me who feel pretty ok most of the time, it's super easy to let the things for ourselves go first. So here's the deal, when we take the time to care for ourselves, we are completely and unconditionally loving ourselves, accepting ourselves and saying, fuck it, I'm not perfect but I'm me and I got a purpose to fill and a life to lead that's super duper important for whatever reason. And for me that's running or eating healthy or taking a moment to appreciate a beautiful view. Why is this hitting me in the face today? Because I found recently that I was feeling bad for the hardships I had to go through or essentially feeling bad for myself or like a victim. Guess what? Though matter what, we are only a victim if we let ourselves be. Yes shit happens and it sucks. And sometimes it's just too much to bounce back from right away. But always, it's up to us to keep the focus on the whole picture and do whatever it takes to remain ourselves and not forget that though matter what is happening around us. We may need support, help, exercise or whatever to keep going strong- but it's up to us to do whatever it takes. Ok corny moment over so I can let loose and listen to my own advice- enjoy the music, this awesome view and run the heck back home to my beautiful kids. Peace out. #runningmeditation #lifelessons #ontherun #jerusalem#outdoorgym #running